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Galaxxis is a distributor and manufacturer of high-quality baby and children's products.

Our story started when two young fathers began to think about the different aspects that parenthood entails. Every parent wants to be at his best in upbringing their little superhero. The way to achieve this is not always obvious. Thats why we decided to become a partner in making this journey more pleasant and less stressful.

We asked ourselfs two questions:

  • In which way could we facilitate and support the range of tasks for new parents?
  • What are the decisive factors when purchasing all kinds of baby  and childrens products?

The answer was simple: high-quality and efficient products with a trendy look that can really make a difference in the everyday life of young parents. Galaxxis strives for a combination of both these factors. The team is constantly looking for products worldwide that meet these requirements.

In our universe, the well-being of parents and children comes first. With our product range we want to contribute to the intense happiness that is connected with new life. The priceless feeling you get from an intense smile of your little baby, that's what we do it for!

Our team is not only ready to help you, but also to promote the intense happiness of your family. Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.

Power to the kids!

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