KIDKII is a designer and manufacturer of organic and ECO friendly toys. The inspiration of these products is Danish design, these are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

KIDKII's mission remains to create toys & furniture that invites to fun and stimulates children's motor development, so they experience joy from both physical development and development of motor skills.

KIDKII creates beautiful toys for the modern family which both children and parents will love. They design Ball pits, Playmats, Furniture that are non-toxic, with OEKO-tex cotton and LDPE balls. They are now providing all new products with a new plant-based foam, which is organic, recyclable, washable, breathable for the perfect comfort and wellbeing of the child. Furthermore, the foam is non-flammable. They focus on the safety of the child and provide products of a very high standard, with the toy safety regulations accordantly to EU, USA and ASIA.

Ballpit & playmat

These are available in various shapes, colors and sizes.

The available dimensions for the round shape range from 85 cm x 30 cm for the little ones and from 125 cm x 50 cm for the older children. Gray, light gray or light pink matches with any interior, the color of the balls can be determined by choice, or put together your own color combination. The square ball pool is available from 90 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm. Also discover the velvet models  and the unique heart shaped ballpit, the flower, the cloud,...

The toys are made from natural and sustainable materials, perfect for our children and our planet.

In addition to this range, the KIDKII play mats are also a must-have for every child. Here too, a choice can be made between different colors and shapes. The mats are foldable so that they can also be placed against the wall and contribute to the safety of your child.

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