What is MONBABY?

Monbaby is a respiratory and position sensor for babies. This unique product consists of two components: a high-tech sensor (Smart Button) in combination with an application for a smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Button

The button is very simple and easy to use. It gives you the opportunity to confidently put your baby to sleep. The sensor is pinned to the baby's clothing with a simple click system, after which you only need to connect it to the app on your smartphone or tablet. Easy right? What makes this Smart Button so unique is that you can choose which notifications you wish to receive via the app. In addition, your baby will not experience discomfort or nuisance from this sensor because there is no direct skin contact between the sensor and your child. Sleep and rest are very important, both for parents and for the baby, therefore this device has no vibration or sound signal to unnecessary wake up the baby. The parents set out via the app which notifications they wish to receive and the Smart Button does the rest.

The application

The app ensures that you as a parent can perfectly check how your child is sleeping and whether your child is awake. Does the baby sleep on his / her back and you find it important to get a notification when changing position, you can quickly and easily adapt the different alarms via the app. In short, you as new parents can decide which notifications you wish to receive in order to strengthen the feeling of peace and security.

Which notifications can you enable or disable on your smartphone or tablet and which information does the Monbaby provide?

  • Bodyposition
  • Breathing 
  • Real Time activity
  • Proximity alarm
  • Fall detection
  • Real Time updates 5 x per sec
  • Ambient body temperature

What are the advantages of this Smart Button?

  • No direct skin contact between your baby and the Smart Button sensor
  • Easy to attach 
  • No possibility that your baby will detach the sensor due to the click-system
  • No alarms near to your child
  • No cables etc.

In short, Monbaby provides a sense of peace and security for both parents and the baby. And this by the simple Smart Button in combination with the application.

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